PA high school football playoffs.
Trying to get ahead of runners haha.
Loved those shades.
Photo Booth!
St. Clair, PA
On Kuwait / Iraq border 2005
Thanks Jess.
WIAC Photo Class.
Coal adventures.
Schuylkill Haven, PA
Eagles game (old stadium0
In The Gulf 2005
Greatest mug!


What I do is the most autobiographical way for me to express myself, my thoughts and experiences. I think it's also the most complete way for me to process 'everything' as well. Every idea  or design has roots in something intangible. A thought, memory, something seen, words heard that can't be forgotten. Some easily dispose of these contrasts in everyday life. I tend to hold onto it a bit longer. Eventually being part of what I create with my camera, print, canvas, writing and digital design. The size, shade, color, lens or perspective, becomes a part of it...Maybe you see it as well.


For there own reasons I never took part in a traditional educational setting that concentrated on Art, Photography, Art History, etc. Except for my exposure to it all in high school.  Remember the first time your eyes adjusted to a darkroom? Or finding the art section at the library? Fortunately there were helpful instructors early on and great friendships and influences along the way. While a camera always seemed to click with me, some lessons were learned the hard way. Some things I still don't understand.

I specialize in photography, freelance graphics design work and small business brand development, video capture and editing, in the northeast Pennsylvania area.


I hope you enjoy my work and ideas. Please contact me if you have  a question, want to collaborate or share your thoughts.

            502 West Market St. Pottsville, PA 17901   

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